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Running Out of Options Isn’t an Option



Your diagnosis seems hopeless and you’ve been told you have to just “manage your symptoms”.


You’ve done everything and talked to everyone and you’re not sure what other options you have.


Brain fog, fatigue, memory issues, your ability to focus all disrupt your life, your productivity, your joy.


Anxiousness and your uncertain future have left you depressed, discouraged and depleted.


You are in search of advocates, guides, a support team to help you get your health back.


You’re wanting someone to really listen and to creatively discover alternate paths to your healing.

Guides By Your Side


We’ve walked the path you’re on…so many times.  We’ve had family members with attention span issues, significant trauma, mysterious neurological symptoms, cardiac problems, and addiction.  Mike, as a CEO, knows the ramifications that living a high stress life can put on your body.  Stacy has had an auto immune disease and relatives struggling with dementia.  We know how it feels to be diagnosed, but are left feeling completely stuck or worse, not have answers or solutions at all.  Through walking those roads ourselves, we have encountered holistic approaches that address brain, body and behaviors and reroute them towards the health and healing.  We have become credentialed and certified to help you on these same paths so that you can finally get your life back!  Better yet, so that you can life your best life with a hope-filled future!


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


“Stacy has the calming and encouraging presence that I wish everyone could experience in a health coach! She is wealth of knowledge, both from personal experience and the combination of multiple certification programs. You’ll find her going above and beyond to learn new information to help others! She’s the coach I wish I all of my friends and family members could work with.”
– Katherine

“What I thought was my original focus evolved into another area of my life which was eye opening! Every session ended with 2-3 action steps, giving me a plan of attack. I truly appreciate Mike’s listening skills and positive encouragement.”
– Tracey C

“As a mom of six kids ranging from 14-28, Stacy has taught me how to take care of myself and not just others. Growing up in a home where healthy foods weren’t served, she has taught me a whole new way of eating. The changes I have made, have carried over to my family and we are all healthier for it.”
— Lori


Partners in your health

As certified health coaches, we partner with you and your practitioners within the collaborative care model, breaking down big lifestyle changes into accessible steps.  We use motivational strategies, behavior change theory, and communication techniques to help clients create sustainable changes that lead to better health. We help translate the doctor’s plan of care into a plan of action, bridging the gap between what you know you need to do to be healthy and the intrinsic motivation needed to make and sustain those changes.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Accelerate Healing Naturally

Your brain and body need higher levels of oxygen to heal damaged tissues. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) increases the amount of pure oxygen that your lungs can take in by 3 times versus when breathing at normal air pressure.  The increased oxygen from HBOT is transported through the body and to your brain in your bloodstream.  This accelerates your healing in this non-invasive therapy.


Solution for brain-based conditions

Pioneered in the late 1950s and 1960sneurofeedback is a non-invasive, evidence based, long-term answer to many brain-based issues.  Through monitoring, mapping and measuring brain waves in real time, we can identify inefficient patterns and help the brain learn new, healthier ways to regulate itself.  By retraining the brain, we can eliminate the symptoms of many conditions at the source.  If you or a loved one suffer from ADHD, ADD, traumatic brain injury, PTSD or other brain related problems, this might be the answer.

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